V Pick: The Stories of Women

18 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The world of women has always interested modern film makers. They look at the stories that are everyday incidents in the world of women, and come up with incredibly hard-hitting stories from their lives. This week, we have three short films that tell about the problems women face in a unique way.

Komal: Animation films could be the next big thing for the world of streaming. It nullifies the pain and gruesomeness of almost anything and yet gets the point across. In Komal, a young animation style is used to bring home the point that a sexual predator can be anyone and parents and guardians have to more careful than ever. Read our review here. You can watch the film at the link below:

The Guide: One of the most hard-hitting films about how women are exploited in rural India. The film’s screenplay grips you right from the beginning and keep you interested with the performances of the entire audience. This short film comes up a bit longer than others, but every minute is quite worth it. Read our review here. You can watch the short film at this link:

Was It Rape Then: Was It Rape Then is a unique short film not just because of the content but also because of the way it tells us about sexual assault that women experience in their lives. This kind of rap poetry is slowly picking up. You can read our review here. This short film is available on Vimeo at the following link:


These women centric short films are as much of eye openers as they are informative. Make it a point to watch these short films.