V Pick: Different Strokes

06 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Streaming entertainment is surely becoming a platform that embraces all. Several short films and web series try to tell different stories that would otherwise be never told. This week, we’ve got a mixed bag of stories that cater to all and sundry.

The Black Cat: The Black Cat is a short film that’s the screen adaptation of one of Ruskin Bond’s supernatural stories. The short film is one of the last works of Tom Alter, who was a good friend of Bond himself. Incidentally, Tom Alter plays Ruskin Bond in the short film. Read our review here.

Gutargu: Gutargu is one of those films that start mainstream but end up with an absolutely jarring climax, leaving a lump in the throat. The performances bring to fore the innocence and naivete of young love and the brutality that it faces in time. You can read our review of the short film here.

Kairos: This is a must watch for audiences who think that sci-fi films can only be made when there’s a big budget in place. This one is a game changer. Read our review here.

This wraps up our selection for this week. Liked our selection? Tell us in the comments section!