V Pick: Short films that shock

23 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

One of the best things about the digital medium is the writers/directors are not bound by any framework. The medium is high on creative freedom and that translates into better content and treatment to the script – which is really why a lot of stuff comes out better on the online medium than the traditional mediums.

As proof, here are three short films which have been treated in the most unique manner possible. Not that it affects the film in any way, but the audience is spell bound by the distinct narrative and the bold approach of the crew.

Here are three short films, which have shocked us (in the best possible manner).

Sinha vs Sinha: A tale which seems like a normal married/unmarried couple fight; and both trying to check into the hotel which has only one room available. As they are forced to spend the night in the same room, and audiences expects a romance to start, there is a sweet twist waiting for you as the duo turn out to be siblings.

In A Heartbeat: This animated short film is about a closeted young boy who follows his heart and chases the boy of his dreams. Keeping the idea of social boycott at bay, both of them come together to find solace in each other. The film deserves applause for tackling this boiling issue in the most rudimentary way possible.

Shunyata: This film stars Jackie Shroff, Lekh Tandon and Machindra Gadkar. It features the friendship of a young boy and the hitman, who want to get away from their criminal lives. The characters of the film are real and that’s its USP.