V Pick: The short films about the others

19 . Aug . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Short films are bound to surprise. Foreign film makers are coming up with varied stories. Indian film makers are breaking the mold and coming up with thought provoking and different content.  Here’s the list of the films that made it to our V Pick this week.

The Pavement: Everyone loves a cracker of a psychological thriller. If you are looking for a short thriller that’ll remain with you long after the end credits roll, The Pavement is the short film you should be seeing. A great film that’s presented in black and white. The Pavement has a great story and a stunning screenplay helps achieve it greatness.

Short Film: The Pavement

School Bag: This film tugged many a heart when it launched sometime around Mother’s Day. The School Bag is a rare film, because it is one of the few that talks about the terrorism that’s prevalent in countries like Pakistan – a country that’s known for its Islamic majority population.

Short Film: The School Bag

Parineeti: Parineeti is the film that proves the short film domain is not just about tears and thrillers. The short film has the protagonist, Parineeti, try to bring her separated parents back together.

Short Film: Parineeti


These are the 3 films that we’ve selected for this week. We hope you have a great time watching these!