V Pick: Short Films are a mixed bag

15 . Jul . 2017
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There’s been this noise that short films are only cause-based. While that might be true in the beginning, it’s changing now. This week’s V Pick has three selections of different genres, as varied as they are critical.

Busy is a short film on Vimeo that talks about the urgency of work that human beings have. The film is under one minute, even the director has tagged the short film as a ‘very short film’.  Busy is an animation film.

Short Film: Busy

Period Pattu speaks about an important issue that half the population of the world faces – menstural issus and the government’s apathy towards it. Period Pattu doesn’t go into a preachy tone and is a fun, light rap song instead.

Short Film: ‘Period Pattu’

And then comes Sneh, the darkest short film that we have seen in recent times. ScoopWhoop’s first short film. We quite liked the short film when we saw it first and it still has the same effect on it – jaw = dropped.

Short Film: ‘Sneh’ is India’s epic crime caper

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Short Film: Busy

Short Film: Busy