V Pick: Short Films with a message

02 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Most short films come with a message – even the ones that plan to entertain have an underlying message. In some cases,  the message is blatant and right out there. This week, our V Picks are about stories and messages that the film-makers want their audiences to hear.


This short film amazed us with the concept and the production values. People say that it’s difficult to get the kind of budget needed for a sci-fi, post apocalyptic film for a short film – Rakka proves them wrong, and how!

The Curse of the Unkissable Kid:

Homophobia is blatant and so should the messages against it. The Curse of the Unkissable Kid starts off as a fun, ‘ooh so cute’ story but ends up telling a poignant message.

Welcome to my World:

Hollywood fans will tell you that even the biggest blockbusters have an underlying message. So, it makes sense for short films to follow suit. Welcome to my world covers regionalism, racism through a fun, mostly animated video. We should have more of these.

These are our V Picks for this week. Short films are fast becoming the go-to platform for some incredible entertainment and stories. And short film-makers aren’t shying away from taking on bold, edgy subjects – just the thing needed to create an unforgettable experience for viewers.


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