V Pick: Short Films on love and achievement

09 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

It is true that love conquers all. Clichéd right! But there are times when some fictional efforts go beyond the clichéd to prove this dictum.

That is exactly what we are showcasing in this week’s V Pick. Be it showing love between a couple or a sister-brother duo, these short films have shown this powerful emotion in the most unconventional ways and how it helps the people involved achieve their goals.

Here are three short films that talk of love and what it can help us achieve.

Ima : The short film about a middle-aged couple beautifully speaks of blindness. The husband with a blurred vision accidentally breaks his glass, and is terrified to the old age fast approaching which will further worsen his eye-sight. Giving him strength is his wife, who is blind.

Gullak: In a bid to make sure her brother gets an education, an orphaned sister enters into prostitution. But instead of being teary-eyed about it, she knows why she entered the profession and treats it in that way. She only fears her brother learning about it.

Promise: This short film focuses on a husband trying to reach his wife through text message, but she doesn’t reply. It is later revealed that she is no more, and the husband is achieving professional goals with her memory to support him; and is in the process of coming terms with her death.