V Pick: Incredible Short Films

14 . Oct . 2017
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While horror, romance and thrillers have made their to the streaming scene, sci-fi hasn’t yet made itself prominent. Well, that’s about to change with the number of sci-fi related web series and short films that are coming to stream. In this week’s V Pick, we have one sci-fi and two incredible stories that were just waiting to be told.

Populace: Populace tells a great story of a young couple who are looking for some hope in a world that is full of robots, androids and other species and concepts that they are surrounded by. The short film makes a great point and is imminently watchable because of the performances and the production values.  Read our review here.

Watch the film here:

What’s Wrong: What’s Wrong is a great short film that talks about how an entire generation is handling depression silently and ensuring that nobody else know what they are going through. Shriya Pilgaonkar gives a great performance, bringing a relevant cause to the fore.  Read our take on this short film here.

Don’t Grow Up: Don’t Grow Up is a great film that’s wonderfully performed by a group of kids. The short film tells lot of things about the life of kids and how they are almost ready to tackle the problems that the young kids will have.  Read our review here.

This is the list of our V Pick this week. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments section.

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Short Film: Populace

Short Film: Populace