V Pick: Be Different, Be Bold

22 . Jul . 2017
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Short films are the breeding ground for creativity and the platform to do something different. Every week, we come across several short films that come up with different and thought-provoking content. This week, we bring you the top three films that not just entertained us but made us think too.

The Affair:

The Affair is a unique film that handles an important subject in a fun, frothy manner. The film is supported well with a quirky storyline and excellent performances everyone. Amit Sial, last seen in the web series Inside Edge acts well as the common man who goes the extra mile to get what is considered common place everywhere else in the world – privacy. You can watch the film here:

Short Film: The Affair

The Jigsaw:

There is this idea that the horror genre and short films are the best fit. Films like The Jigsaw justify this idea. The film takes a pretty well-known concept and ravels a horror concept around it – and it looks great on screen.

Short Film: The Jigsaw

Bruno and Juliet:

Several short films handle the concept of canines and other animals. Many short film makers are animal lovers and it shows in their films – like this Imtiaz Ali presented film and a stray dog and a pet one.

Short Film: Bruno and Juliet

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Short Film: The Jigsaw

Short Film: The Jigsaw