V Pick: Cute, Psycho, Death

30 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The world of streaming is home to several genres of short films. There’s love stories, there’s slice of life and then there’s sci-fi and psychological thrillers. This week, our V Pick is a collection of these emotions.

The Detour

The Detour is a cute, warm hearted short film that tells the story of how a young girl loses her tricycle but gets it back due to a twist of fate. We liked the screenplay of the short film.

Girl on Heels

Girl on Heels is one of the best short films we have seen in a long while. What starts as a cliched, mopey short about exploitation in the film industry, ends as one of the most striking psychological thriller.

Apocalypse Now Now:

Apocalypse Now Now, This is one of the films that changes the idea that sci-fi is not a good fit for the streaming budgets. One of the better produced sci-fi films, it also has a very nice storyline.