V Pick: Bitter Sweet Bonds

13 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Everyday stories are coming up big in the world of short films. There’s a great wealth of characters and stories around us – all we need to do is look around with a discerning eye. The family is the first social interaction we have – and the emotional bonds that we share with these individuals cannot be duplicated. Here’s the list of short films that we’ve taken up for this week.

Baby Steps: Baby Steps is an incredibly heart-warming short film that gives us a unique insight into the relationship that an urban mother and her son share –  the mother is possibly the only person who completely understands a person. That aspect comes out beautifully in this short film. Soni Razdan shows that she’s still got several performances in her with this one. Read our review here

The Good Girl: Once again, this short film shows the relationship between a mother and a daughter. The short film also goes ahead and tells us how a mother takes care of her daughter, even when the daughter is shattered and unsure about what to do due to circumstances in her life. Read our review here:

Test Drive: Test Drive is the short film debut for Ashutosh Rana, who’s been away from the silver screen for a while. The short film has some interesting characters and a screenplay that follows them well. You can read our review for the short film here:

The current crop of short film has very interesting content, showing us that the young content producers are really upping the ante.