V Pick: The Big and the Small of it

20 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

The world of short films is becoming the go to medium for newer film makers of all sorts. This medium is no longer about nine minuters or even ones with nine episodes. This week, we look at short film makers who are making different kind of films with interesting concepts.

Loev: Love is a staggeringly intimate story about two homosexuals who are still to come to terms with their love for each other. The film stars Shiv Pandit, Dhruv Ganesh and others. Read our review of the short film below:

Feature Film : Loev

New Year: Ek Nayi Shuruaat: This short film has one of the largest star-cast because the script demands it. Seven people decide to bring in the New Year and what happens next forms the rest of this short film.  Read our review here:

Papa: Papa’s proving its mettle by already getting into the festival circuit. This short film is about a mother-son duo whose life takes a turn after they experience a unique incident. Watch this short film here:


These are our picks for streaming this week. Think we missed out on any? Tell us in the comments section!