Upgrade your travel goals with these travel web series

29 . Jun . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Travelling is a crucial part of life to breakaway the monotony of the routine life. And there are some digital ventures which hold the power of making you leave your normal life to go wandering.

Here are some of the web titles that you must stream; you are bound to get better travel goals. Read on:

TVF Tripling

This web series will inspire you to finally take that trip with your siblings, which may have been impending for quite some time now. Three siblings embark on an unexpected road journey, which is full of revelations and sibling bonding.

The Trip

Four girlfriends go on a road trip from India to Thailand as one of them is all set to tie the knot. The trip turns out to be one hell of a ride, and the bachelorette party becomes an emotional roller coaster.

Stupid Man, Smart Phone

How helpful can a smartphone be to make sure you return home safe from an unexplored place? This reality web series gave insights into how a smartphone is capable of saving lives in unforeseen circumstances.

It happened in Hong Kong

This web series is very much like a travel v-log. Two strangers, trying to do some soul searching, end up meeting each other in Hong Kong. Instead of trying to travel solo, the two decide to explore the destination together.


When a sudden change in life leaves you jobless, there is scarcely much you can do about it. The brave ones though embark on a road trip on a bike. The web series is a story of forgotten dreams which have to be realized whenever opportunity strikes.

Way Back Home

The Himalayan adventure has not been portrayed as well by anyone as is in this web series. The maiden season will make anyone leave their mundane lives and go on a Himalayan adventure as early as possible. The snow and the local culture will definitely call out for you and you may just pack your bags without telling anyone!

Hope you have enough travel goals to go and wander!