Web Series: Twisted

03 . Apr . 2017
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Season 1, Episode 1

Business tycoon, Ranbir Raichand’s wife is found raped and murdered in her bedroom. As the CID takes up the investigation, Inspector Mathur starts looking for skeletons in Ranbir’s cupboard. Following a lead as he reaches a hotel in Lonavala, he finds out about the businessman’s extra-marital affair. The driver confirms it and Aliya Mukherjee his girlfriend is in the spotlight. The self assured model denies any association with the victim’s husband in the recent past. Also, she makes no effort to hide her being involved at some point. Bollywood director, Vikram Bhatt under his official web channel #Vbontheweb has brought together Nia Sharma, the sizzling television actress and Namit Khanna a well known model to give life to Ranbir and Alia’s steamy affair. Actors Tia Bajpai, Rahul Raj and Tanvi Vyas for the rest of the cast of the web series, Twisted.

What’s wow? Following the line of films like Kasoor and Fareb, is the first eipsode of Twisted. Vikram Bhatt fans now have undulated access to his thrillers which are available on the internet in the web series format. For those that do not like the Saas Bahu entertainers on television and have a fondness for Bollywood thrillers of the 90’s might find themselves excited to watch this romatic-thriller written by Vikram Bhatt himself and Directed by Anupam Santosh Saroj.

What’s blah: The detective duo of Tia Bajpai and Rahul Raj find great difficulty in mouthing Vikram Bhatt’s dialogues and even before the first five minutes of the first episode go by, chances are that the audience’s thrill might get replaced by disgust at their performances.

Parting shot: If the plot is as ‘Twisted’ as Nia Sharma as Alia Mukherjee claims, we might have for ourselves an entertaining, Bollywood inspired web series.

Cast: Nia Sharma, Namit Khanna, Tia Bajpai, Rahul Raj, Tanvi Vyas

Director: Anupam Santosh Saroj

Duration: 23.42

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