TVF’s new sketch ‘Super Tatti’ is a cheeky take on nepotism

16 . Jul . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

In present day Bollywood, content is king and truly talented actors are ruling the audience’s heart. But what about those poor little rich star kids. Who will speak for them?

Super Tatti is based on the false story of India’s nepotism genius Hrithik Kumar. Born as a star kid he inducts a group of highly untalented and over-privileged star kids to help them crack and ultimately ruin the toughest thing that movies demand – acting.

We’ve all got stars in our eyes. But the only ones successfully reaching for the stars are the progeny of stars (and superstars) themselves. TVF puts a rib-tickling spin on this nepotism to bring you its brand-new sketch – Super Tatti.

Here, the flagbearers of nepotism unite to create the academy of all academies, the Super Tatti Center – an exclusive center that grooms star kids. Run by Hrithik Kumar, at Super Tatti, our star-kids learn everything apart from acting. Watch the drama unfold as Hrithik Kumar sets out to change the face of acting (for the worse).

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Written by Manish Chandwani and Satish Ray and directed by Anant Singh ‘Bhaatu’, the sketch pokes fun at the discussion around nepotism in India’s film industry using side-splitting satire and hysterical theatrics.

Watch this sketch here to find out more :