TVF Originals Review: The Insiders Is Classic Absurd Cinema

13 . Apr . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

MX Player has made several web series with TVF. They first came up with Immature, Hey Prabhu and Aafat. Now, they have launched The Insiders, a quirky, not-just-coming-of-story of four kids who are essentially locked in a room every weekend, because they respective parents meet up for dinner and beverages. Here’s our complete review.

Four kids end up becoming best friends because their parents meet up every weekend. The three boys are apprehensive to include the latest entrant, a girl. But all boils down in the end and the four have whacky adventures – so whacky that sometimes the audience wonders whether it is all a fantasy for them.

What’s Wow : The Insiders is a unique web series – and a very bold one for the streaming audiences in 2019. The performances are great, the story arcs in each episode are interesting enough, and the characters are all so endearing that audiences will be only too happy to let go of suspension of disbelief.

The kicker here are the current event references, like the 2G Scam, the state of the media, so on and so forth. Omkar Kulkarni is the life of the series. Himika Bose gives an excellent performance as well. If Omkar is the life of the series, Brij Bhushan Shulka with his cranky dialogues paves the way for this entertainer.

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The best part of this series is that it doesn’t burden itself with the nitty gritty that works into the scripts of a coming of age comedy, the romantic angle, the social message, etc. This is just about four kids growing up.

What’s Blah : Nothing

Parting shot : The Insiders is classic absurd cinema.

Cast & Crew : 

Cast: Omkar Kulkarni, Himika Bose, Arnav Bhasin, Ritviq Joshi

Director: Pranav Bhasin

Producers: TVF

Watch the trailer here :