Tumhari Sulu aka Vidya Balan will fire you with enthusiasm

17 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Vidya Balan as Tumhari Sulu is garnering good reviews and the film will surely make the cash bells ringing. But in case you are still making up your mind, whether you want to invest your time in this film, we shall provide you with some interesting insights.

She has done much collaboration to promote this sleeper hit, but TheDigitalHash.com has listed down three such marketing alliances which you just can’t miss. Here are the links:

Here’s the one with MissMalini. Vidya talks of all the typical sexist comments and questions most women have to endure and gives the awesome-st replies to them. You are sure to ROFL.

In this collaboration with BookMyTv, Vidya gives an insight into her character Sulu and how she has juggled two different entities in the film – as a housewife and a Radio Jockey.

This last one with BuzzFeed India is hilarious. Titled Me In Twenty Years, Vidya Balan plays this oh-so-cool lady, who doesn’t care what anyone is doing, how much weight they have gained, etc. She follows the rule of ‘Jiyo and Jeene do’. You may want to be like her, 20 years later.