TSP’s latest episode of Rabish Ki Report brings to life every student’s D- Day – THE RESULT DAY

19 . Jul . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

If there was a single day we dreaded more than Exam Day, it was Exam Results Day.  A day when parents and teachers came face to face – while we tried our level best to save face. Rabish Kumar, our go-to newscaster, takes us on a trip down this terrifying memory lane in TSP’s new sketch.

Rabish Kumar has a riot interviewing (and schooling) teachers and parents, as he visits classroom after classroom to gauge parents and teachers’ reactions to students’ grades. What happens next? Well, let’s just say that Rabish encounters eccentric teachers and some much more eccentric parents.

We see hilarious scenarios unfold as Rabish takes to the school hallways to become the not-so-silent-spectator to Parent-Teacher meetings. In this sketch’s rib-tickling spin on strict parenting and teaching, we revisit those days of being unsure who to fear more – our parents or teachers! Every student has been in those shoes, walking the hallways toward classrooms, unsure of the grade (and punishment) that awaits. This sketch will elicit belly laughs by the dozen by rehashing those not-so-fond memories in a witty and wacky manner.

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The video stars Shivankit Parihar as the inimitable Rabish Kumar and also features prominent TSP faces like Abhinav Anand and Sahil Verma. Directed by Nishant Sharma and written by Rishav Srivastava, Vishwajeet Pratap Singh, this sketch comes out with an uproarious take on the state of our education system.

Watch the video here :