Top Viners of the week

06 . Oct . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Short format films are quite the rage today. Many new video makers are coming up with interesting projects. Here are the top three entertaining viners for this week:

Indians in a Traffic Jam

The Timeliners have come up with a great video that is a humorous and sarcastic take on the traffic situations in the Indian metros like Mumbai, Delhi and others. The video has good slapstick comedy and these talented actors now have a better comic timing and understanding of their concepts. You can watch the video here:

Anirban Dasgupta talks about Love Songs

Love Songs – especially from the 90s – have been criticised a lot. Of course, there is little meaning in criticising something that came up 20 years ago – but this video still makes for some entertaining viewing. What we really liked about this stand-up routine is the fact that it’s not just only about a few laughs but has a message that runs deep too.

Daaru Pee Ke Girna

Sunil Grover might not be a regular on TV but he’s doing some great stuff for the world of streaming. His song, Daaru Pee Ke Girna has Sunil Grover at his best. The song has music by Amit Trivedi.