Top Betting Movies on Netflix that You Must Watch

04 . Jul . 2021
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The sports betting world is quite fascinating, especially for filmmakers looking for different genres to try. Even in the past, many well-known directors have made movies revolving around this topic.

So if you’re even a bit interested in sports betting, then you’ll definitely love our recommendations.

●      Lay the Favorite

‘Lay the Favorite’ is a true-life story of Beth Raymer. It’s based on her journey of becoming a full-time professional bettor. It focuses more on the unique nature of the thrill-seeking bettors.


The story revolves around Beth and Dirk. Upon meeting each other, Dirk quickly learns about her potential in the sports betting field. He further gives her an opportunity, which she grabs to become a full-time bettor.


It’s a great movie if you’re looking for something to help you understand the unusual personalities of sports bettors. It also does a good job of eliminating some of the negative stereotypes centering the professional bettors.


●      The Color of Money

‘The Color of Money’ is yet another famous betting movie, starring popular actors- Paul Newman and Tom Cruise. But if the powerful cast is not enough to convince you to watch this movie, let us explain why every gambler should try this once.


In this movie, the bettors don’t just bet for profit. Pride, morality, and identity equally fuel their desire to succeed in the betting field. The director has very well portrayed the psychology of the sports bettors. And the cast has also done a commendable job in giving life to the characters. All in all, this movie is totally worth your time!


●      Two for the Money

‘Two for the Money’ movie is based on the semi-true story of Brandon Lang. He was a former college football star who turned into a skilled sports handicapper. He was known for his special talent of picking winners during sports matches.


It’s a light-hearted movie that focuses more on the emotions of the professional bettors than the mechanics and operations of the betting business. Just like every other human, bettors also go through many highs and lows. And this movie does an exceptional job of delivering all the emotions in the right way.


Yes, it won’t give you any deep knowledge about the betting field. But for that, you can check out the different betting sites like the IPL prediction site.

●      Casino

‘Casino’ is probably the most exuberant movie on this list. It’s based on the true-life story of Ace Rothstein (Robert De Niro). The story revolves around the involvement of organized Mafia groups in popular Las Vegas Casinos.


Ace, a moral and detail-oriented individual, gained the title of the sharpest oddsmaker of his era. His experience led to many well-known Mafia families putting him in charge of the biggest Las Vegas Casinos. His artistry of managing gambling operations and creating profit was unmatched, but it didn’t go unnoticed.


Although today’s world of gambling is a lot less violent and much more profitable, this movie still gives you a good picture of what goes inside this world.



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