Top 5 Lesbian scenes in Streaming

07 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Film makers and content producers go all out when they make projects for the streaming world. They don’t need to bother about the censor board and whether the bold scenes in their content will put off the mainstream audience. Therefore, we find several sizzling hot and intense sexual scenes in web series and short films. Here’s a list of the top 5 lesbian scenes that have rocked the streaming world.

#1 The Good Wife (Kalinda Sharma) (Netflix)

Kalinda Sharma’s character in The Good Wife is one of the most strikingly interesting one in the world of web series and streaming entertainment. Archie Panjabi kept the mystique and the intensity of the character right till the very end of her character’s plotline. The series has her play one of the closest friends and ally that protagonist, Alica Florrick has. As political thrillers go, The Good Wife soon tumbles down into the bedrooms and sexual habits – which gives us a jawdropping sex scene between Kalinda and Agent Lara. The scene brought to the fore Kalinda’s sexual habits. Another scene portrayed her having almost BDSM sex with the character’s husband.

#2 Orange Is the New Black (Almost everyone) (Netflix)

What seemed to be a take on every female companionship ever made – a group of women trying to survive in a prison – turned out to be one of the most spectacular series about the issues that women face. The series spoke about the sexual violence that women went through when incarcerated and the bonds and relationships that they strike behind bars.  Orange in the New Black had some sizzling sex scenes and it came in all shapes and sizes – there were butch, there were equals, there were tops and bottoms.

#3 Spartacus (Gods of the Arena) (Lucrieta and Gaia) (Netflix)

It’s a surprise this series hasn’t become the talk of the town or garnered as much controversy as it should. The amount of nudity, faux BDSM and sexual intercourse scenes in this one series could be more than all web series ever made. So blatant is the sex in this series that the scene we are talking about culminates into an orgy that’s shot in slow-motion that finally wraps up in the death of one of the characters.  The sex scenes are from the prequel to Spartacus, Gods of the Arena, and pictured on characters played by Lucy Lawless and Jaime Murray.

#4 Game of Thrones (Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sandspar) (Hotstar)

Game of Thrones has a massive following because of many things, like the great storyline, the strong screenplay and the amazing action sequences. The series also garnered major controversy for the rape and the sexual intercourse sequences that the show was littered with right, left and centre. Of special disrepute was an intensely intimate lesbian kissing scene between Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sandspar.

#5 Last Life (YouTube)

What’s better than steamy sex scenes in a series? Steamy sex scenes in a series about reincarnation and the ancient battle between good and evil. The series has some amazingly well shot lesbian scenes and this one is available to watch for free on YouTube.

These are the lesbian scenes that rocked the streaming screens until now. With newer, edgier content making its way into our connected worlds almost every week, we can only hope the way ahead is steamier and intense.