Top 5 Gay Scenes in Streaming

11 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The digital entertainment doesn’t bar film-makers and storyteller with strong censorship. This translates into some steamy intimate and sex scenes; and more so for the gay characters. Here are top five gay sex scenes that will get the temperatures soaring.

 Game Of Thrones (Renly Baratheon – Ser Loras Tyrell) (

Game of Thrones may be nearing its end, but the number of sex scenes in this series is surely never ending. There are various scenes depicting sex and intimacy. But one gay relationship that is depicted in the series is between Renly Baratheon and Ser Loras Tyrell, who is actually his brother-in-law since Renly has married Loras’ sister Margaery. There is one steamy sex scene between the two.

How to Get Away with Murder (Connor Walsh – Oliver Hampton) (Netflix)

This is one web series which has a host of steamy sex scenes, and the gay sex scenes are a different league altogether. The gay couple in this web series Connor Walsh (played by Jack Falahee) – Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) have many kissing and intimate scenes. This particular scene is where the two indulge in some high dose physical drama.

Eyewitness (Philip and Henning) (Netflix)

This thriller web series is about a young gay couple witnessing a triple murder. While they are trying to hide from the perpetrators, the audiences witness some hot kissing scenes between the protagonists played by Axel Bøyum (Philip) and Odin Waage (Henning).

Sense8 (Lito & Hernando) (Netflix)

This science fiction drama is about a group of people around the world are suddenly linked mentally. There’s one orgy scene in this series which consists of a gay man, a transgender lesbian, and two straight men. But we are talking about the gay couple in this Netflix web series, Lito and Hernando who have some hot lovemaking scenes too.

House of Cards (Frank Underwood and Eric Rawlings) (Netflix)

House of Cards is known using sex to get things going. Frank Underwood and his wife are okay with either of them sleeping with anyone else. Much before, actor Kevin Spacey came out of the closet, he became intimate onscreen by kissing Eric Rawlings – the civil war re-enactor and personal trainer.

For a world that is changing ever moment, we are sure that film-makers will push the envelope further when it comes to intimate scenes between gay characters. Watch this space for more updates!