Top 5 Disturbing Web Series

27 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

All web series are made for entertainment and some are made to put a point across. Sometimes, the makers go beyond the call of duty to put the point across and come up with some disturbing scenes or even entire concepts. We look at the top 5 disturbing web series that are now available on streaming platforms.

#1 Forensic Files

Real crime series are not for the weak-hearted. These crime series have a documentary feel to them, which makes it even more intimate and disturbing. Forensic Files is a web series that takes a deep, factual look at real life crimes – and that’s where the series becomes disturbing to the viewers. Real life crimes are more whacky and soul-burning. One cannot watch more than one episode of this series.

#2 Making of Murderer

Making of a Murderer hits home rather strongly. The clinical explanation of how law enforcement systematically created a murderer out of a person who was mildly different from others had chilling effects on audiences. The web series was the real-life story of Stephen Avery, who has since gone to sue authorities about a wrongful arrest and accusation. The series was disturbing because anyone watching the series at home realised that anyone and everyone could be framed if the authorities – or even a small number of people with power wanted to.

#3 13 Reasons Why

Self-harm and suicide are disturbing issues. And when they make a damning series about just that, it is bound to disturb even the coolest and collected people. Thirteen Reasons Why told us about a young girl who commits suicide. Before doing that, she records 13 tapes, and tells the recipient of the tape why she committed suicide. The series was acclaimed as it was controversial.

#4 Dexter

Nobody looked at serial killers in such an intimate manner until Dexter hit the screens. Dexter is about a serial killer who hides in plain sight in the medical profession. Several aspects in the series were disturbing – including the long scenes that showed the deaths.

#5 Black Mirror

Black Mirror might be the most celebrated sci-fi series in recent times, but it is also as disturbing as it gets. Black Mirror is basically about how technology is turning life upside down for us and some of the instances aren’t just disturbing, they are terrifying.

These are the most disturbing web series according to us. Do you agree, have something to add to this list? Tell us in the comments section!