Top 4 YouTube Channels for Children

17 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

For a long time, the television was the nanny of an emerging India, where the mom and the dad would go to work. That scenario has changed now. India traditionally has very less content that caters to children and with television channels always targeting different target markets, there is very little content for children on the telly. Parents are becoming more and more sensitive about what content their children consume – enter YouTube channels that explicitly cater to children. We present 4 YouTube channels that have awesome content for children.

Sesame Street:

Sesame Street is an all-time classic. It is now available in all its goodness on its official YouTube channel. The channel currently has more than 6000 videos. Sesame Street has been on YouTube since the past 11 years. They have more than 2 crore followers and their views are an incredible 3,631,841,053. You can access the YouTube channel here:

Chu Chu TV:

This is the YouTube channel that really started it all in India. Chu Chu TV has lakhs of followers and crores of page hits. The channel has a mix of content. It has educational videos that teach children English. It has nursery rhymes and even some of the old children songs like ‘Johnny Johnny Yes Papa’. This channel is quite the rage in India. The animation style is a hit with children and it has a huge, loyal base with parents.

He-Man Official:

Kids of the eighties and nineties will remember the awesome Saturdays and Sundays they had watching He-Man. The series was short-lived and had a film that tanked. There has been talk about another live-action film, but nothing has been announced about it till now. Now the company behind the original concept, Filmation, has now uploaded episodes of the series, along with other properties – She-Ra and Bravestarr. You can view the entire episodes here:

Natkhat TV:

Natkhat TV offers desi content for children. The channel has more than 25k subscribers and a deluge of content.  The main difference between this channel and the two listed above is that this is for-digital-only content.  The channel launched sometime last year and has more than 30,000 followers. The total views are a staggering 12 crore. This channel has been an inspiration for several other people to come up with their own kid-oriented channel.  It has some of the classic fairy tales and fables that we have all grown up with. You can access this channel here:

While these are the most popular YouTube channels with the most number of users and views, YouTube is a big library of children based content. We are sure, that as time passes, more and more Indian content channels will find its way on YouTube.