Top 10 Must Watch Documentaries

17 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The world of digital entertainment is throwing up some interesting entertainment. We have some of the best web series, both fiction and non-fiction that are available to watch right off the bat. Apart from films and web series, the streaming platforms pay attention to documentaries and docu-dramas. In fact, streaming platforms are choc-a-bloc with some compelling documentaries. We give you a list of ten documentaries that will interest anyone who wants to get a slice of life of some of the most controversial and influential individuals.

  1. Forensic Files:

Forensic Files is old, but it is a classic. In fact, the series isn’t even available in Full HD, that holy grail of crime-series lovers. But what really keeps the series alive is the incredible detail in which the real-life murder and their solution is depicted. And of course, as the name suggests, the solutions are always through forensic evidence, something that’s as interesting as it is in its infancy.

  1. Gaga: Five foot two

Lady Gaga is one of the most influential musicians and performers today. She hit fame because of her atrocious and spotlight capturing attires and she retained that due to her legitimate and incredible talent.  With this, Lady Gaga fans get a deeper insight into her life and times and pop-curious individuals get an opportunity to understand how the business of music works, along with a fantastic insight into the world of pop music.

  1. The Making of the Mob:

The Making of the Mob is soon going to be a seminal web series. launched in 2015, it is an unforgiving and unblinking look at how the mob came into being. The first season, that launched in 2015 talked about the rise of the New York city mob, and the mafia that created the five families.  The second season tells the audience about the rise of Al Capone in the Mid-Western US.

  1. The Day I met El Chapo

The Day I met El Chapo might be the most interesting documentary concept ever – an actress has a secret meeting with a dreaded crime lord and her life turns for the worst. And then, there’s even a celebrity, Sean Penn involved.

  1. What the Health:

This is a documentary series that has had polarizing reviews. Doctors from the medical field have criticised the film-makers for cherry picking data and basing their facts on weak and, in some cases, non-existent data. While we aren’t medical personnel to tell you what’s wrong and what’s not, it at least gives out some important information about what needs to change in people’s diets today.

  1. Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

One of the few docu-dramas that got an approval rating of 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The web series shows Jim Carrey, who played Andy Kaufman in the 1999 film, Man on the Moon. It’s an interesting take on that film, as the documentary has footage of Jim Carrey playing the character and the first-hand footage of the making of the film, almost 20 years ago.

  1. I called Him Morgan

People who don’t know this incident – there will be many, this happened in the 70s – will be surprised. A prominent musician was shot by his wife and he died of bleeding.  That man is Lee Morgan and his wife, Helen Morgan. This incident itself is surprising, and now there’s a documentary about it, featuring Helen herself and other people who were associated with the musician.

  1. One of Us

Documentaries about religion are always informative and One of Us is a documentary that really tells and incredible story that’d otherwise never make it to screens. One of Us is about the lives of ex-Hasidic Jews, one of the most conservative sects in the world.

  1. Casting Joe Benet

Casting Joe Benet is another insight into a murder that rocked the country. Of course, there are several murders that have rocked America, but this by far the most atrocious. A young girl, who was part of several child pageants is found dead – more than 20 years later, nobody knows who killed the girl. However, this was one of the first instances of a media trial. The documentary is about the process that a film crew went through, while they were casting the characters of the film they were supposed to make.

  1. Wormwood

And to knot down this list, we have a web series that talks about one of the most controversial instances in American history, the MKULTRA program that was supported by various investigative agencies. MKULTRA is laughable today, but it very much existed and finds some reference in almost every superhero trope – films, comic books, whatever comes to your mind. The documentary though, is a real-life account of a scientist whose death pivoted the final shut down of the series.

These are the ten best documentaries that are streaming right now. Did we miss any, or do you have some other favourites? Tell us in the comments section!