Tollywood actor Tejaswi Madiwada will shift gears to web series in a lead role.

15 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Ice Cream actor, Tejaswi Madivada will be playing the lead in Shashank Yeleti‘s upcoming 25-episode rom-com. Written by Nandini Reddy, the web series will create a platform for Tejaswi to portray a lead who otherwise has been known for playing character roles in her previous projects. In fact, the Hyderabadi actor is chiselling her acting skills by working her way through workshops to get the mannerisms of her character right.

What’s interesting is she is the first Tollywood actor to tread this path and Tejaswi is on cloud nine. The choreographer-turned-actor understands that it is a next generation thing and she is certain that the trend is slowly going to take over,

Excited about this new tiding in her life the actor informed that she is paired opposite Rahul Ravindran and Adith Eswaran. Now she has also made up her mind that after this web series she will not entertain any character roles.

Her excitement is apparent as she reveals that the series will be made like a film only with the exception of being released in parts. The series goes on floor in April and it will be a 40-days schedule and since the story is based in Hyderabad, most part of it will be shot in and around the city.

The lead female character of the series is a young naïve girl from Vijayawada with a “small town mentality”.

Tejaswi explains her character to be of this young girl who comes to Hyderabad from Vijayawada. The entire story revolves around how she turns into an urban girl. The plot, as the actor reveals is based on that journey of her transformation based on an array of incidents that happens in her life. On her preparation in getting into the skin of the girl the actor said that she is taking a workshop is to get the accent, dialect and characteristics of a local Andhra girl right.