Thrill in 60 secs on Instagrams

28 . Mar . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Love those tequila shots that hit you hard in one quick gulp? Well, you might just get addicted to Instagram’s upcoming video offering The Out There, a 13-episode series that promises to deliver a suspense drama in less than 60 seconds. If you think one minute is too little to make your heart scream its way through mystery lane, producer Hannah Leimann insists you are going to eat that thought.

The Out There tails the life of 20-something bored Frances (Lehmann, also playing the lead), who during a drunken walk through a graveyard, bumps into Thomas (Robert Snars), a ghost from the Seventies. Thomas, who suffers from memory loss, is desperately looking for a way to get to afterlife and latches onto Frances for help. Leimann, a content designer, shot the series over five and a half days in October 2016, and plans to launch the series in the coming weeks on the Instagram page @theoutthere as well as via Vimeo.

Of course, she is not the first to hit upon the cool idea. Instagram is already becoming a popular distribution platform with the recent upload of UK crime drama Shield 5 and American sci-fi series Desert Friends and comedy series. Last year, InstaMiniSeries released a 16-episode artistic series, Unbound, based on David Bowie’s final album Blackstar.
In a smart business move, Leimann plans to release episodes of The Out There in clusters so viewers are not starved for more. Goes without saying, we cannot wait.
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