This video about Vidya Balan’s rise to fame is your Monday Motivation

19 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Not surprisingly, there aren’t many short films and documentaries that celebrate Father’s Day. This is a stark contrast from the media jamboree that we experienced on Mother’s Day. Be that as it may. Farhan Akhtars’s Mard has come up with an excellent short film that  not just tells a story about a celeb dad but breaks many cliches that we have about female empowerment  and the life of ads.

The video features Vidya Balan and her father, P.R Balan, and talks about the relationship that they shared, along with some of the interesting incidents from the Balan family. In all this, P.R Balan says something that’s been resounding since a while but hasn’t yet become a conversation – women sometimes accept  the discrimination between them and men, and that is the real problem.

It’s always interesting to see the human aspect of a celebrity’s life and the people who ensured that they reached the pinnacle of success.