Amazon Prime Original, Four More Shots, Please!- Things you can discuss only with your Best Friend

30 . Jan . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

 Amazon Prime Video’s now trending Prime Original, Four More Shots Please! has all the elements you would look for in a series centering on friends and their lives. Their nuanced journeys and the life-affirming friendship of these four independent ladies are sure to compel viewers to binge-watch this series.

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BFFs are the pillars that we hold on to support in tough times, and the ever-present champions of our successes. Here are top five things that only your BFF gets.

  • BFFs are confidants and therapists all rolled into one. Not only do they keep all your secrets safe, but they also give you valuable life advice (sometime unsolicited, but always welcome!), egging you on to achieve and be more.

  • You dislike the same people! Sometimes for good reason and sometimes just because your bestie doesn’t care much for them. Support and loyalty is unconditional and ever-present!

  • They give you advice from all things series to banal. Filter suggestion by your BBF is a must. No one on the earth can help you choose the best Instagram filter as a BFF can. And sometime they will copy write your captions too!

  • A best friend becomes the go-to person during crisis; be it break-ups, hook-ups or any other emotional roller-coaster ride that you are on, they’ll never let you cry alone. They’re always there to lend you a shoulder while you cry, listen while you yap, and hear your stories, however stupid they are.

  • Discussing your sex life with your best friend is a rite of passage! Advice on lingerie to love-life, your best friend knows all about your life – there are no secrets here!

With a fun take on all the B-F-F codes from the list, we have Amazon Prime Video’s Prime Original Four More Shots Please!, exclusively streaming on Amazon Prime Video.