These Films Received More Appreciation on Popular Streaming Platforms Than the Big Screen

29 . Jan . 2020
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Watching movies are no more a luxury, it’s all about the comfort now. The accessibility that have been rendered by the OTT platforms and the comfort of personal space and preferred time. By the gift of the plethora of OTT channels, the movies that couldn’t fare well at the theatres now have a longer life due to relaunches and World Digital Premiers. These movies have found a new fan and viewer base after they were launched again on OTT platforms. Their liking has increased in the digital space due to their engaging narrative and plot. So, pick your favorite spot in the room and get cozy this weekend as we’ve made a list of movies that will surely leave a mark on you with great performances by the cast followed by intriguing storylines. Covering interesting genres ranging from enjoyable to thrilling content, all of these films are worth a watch! Pave your way through the weekend by logging onto any of the streaming platforms like ShemarooMe, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and have the perfect movie marathon!

Below are 5 movies to watch now! Easily accessible on streaming platforms.

SP Chauhan


All the core issues wrapped into one great movie; SP Chauhan is a biopic directed by Manoj Jha. The inspiring tale of a social worker’s triumph from poverty to prosperity is highlighted by Jimmy Shergill’s stunning performance. The portrayal of real-life struggles makes you eager to know more about his life, trials and tribulations following the ultimate fate. This movie is sure to give a captivating take on social justice.

Storyline: Satpal Chauhan is a social worker from Haryana who works for women empowerment and also strives to create an alcohol-free society. However, while pursuing his goals, he faces several hardships.


Watch on: ShemarooMe

Gone Kesh

The dread of hair fall is real for everyone but not more than for Enakshi, as her worst fear comes true. Shweta Tripathi who plays Enakshi gives a terrific performance in emoting the trauma of a girl diagnosed with Alopecia, a condition that leads to complete baldness. This film shows a woman conquering her inhibitions against crushing beauty standards. It boldly questions the need for a woman to be conventionally beautiful to fit into society. So, will she find a cure? Or rather free herself from drowning in self-pity? You need to watch it to find out!

Storyline: Enakshi is diagnosed with Alopecia, where she begins to lose hair from her scalp. Although she finds a temporary fix to this, it begins to steal previous years of her youth and takes her life by a storm.


Watch on: ShemarooMe


A must-watch tale of adolescence, the film is critically acclaimed and beautifully crafted, giving an introspective look at teenage angst: an issue that has never had any importance in Hindi cinema. Rightfully different from the love and romanticism of Bollywood flicks, the film portrays harsh realities of a dysfunctional family. The story follows the life of Rohan, who hasn’t been home in eight years. His tyrant of a father Bhairav, is a control freak and doesn’t shy away from getting physically abusive to show his power and prove a point. With meaningful songs and a touching soundtrack that suits the mood, Udaan is “Unconventional Bollywood” at its very best.

Storyline: Expelled from his school, a 16-year old boy returns home to his abusive and oppressive father.


Watch on: Netflix

Vodka Diaries

Vodka Diaries is a psychological thriller starring Kay Kay Menon as local cop ACP Ashwini Dixit, who’s investigating gruesome murders that have all occurred in a single night and the dead bodies which start piling up at a local hotel named Vodka Diaries. Set in the cold misty landscape of Manali, the background music in the film reminds one of old Hindi thrillers which were intended to make you jump out of your seat. Things get murkier when Dixit’s wife goes missing, and the line between reality and imagination begins to blur giving way to an interesting plot premise.

Storyline: In the misty town of Manali, ACP Ashwini Dixit attempts to solve a series of mysterious murders happening in a single night, which might be connected to the night club, Vodka Diaries.


Watch on: AmazonPrime


Waiting is a touching yet funny hospital drama, based on a weird friendship between a fiercely strong independent woman (Kalki Koechlin) and an elderly man (Naseeruddin Shah). Apart from the fact that both of them have immense love for their spouses, they have nothing else in common. He believes in faith and Tara is an atheist, this is precisely why the movie is heart-warming to watch as it shows their friendship evolve through love, loss and surviving life’s catastrophic blows. The two strike an unlikely friendship that helps them cope with their grief. This is a worthy film to watch giving one hope, even in the face of impossible odds!

Storyline: Shiv and Tara support each other while their partners are healing at the hospital.


Watch on: Hotstar