These 5 films and shows on Prime Video Mobile Edition will leave you hooked to your phone all day long

19 . Jan . 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The ‘me-time’ that one gets when they watch and enjoy a film or web series all by themselves is very much needed in the modern day and age. If you’re someone who likes to watch stuff alone, your prayers have been answered all thanks to the Prime Video Mobile Edition from the house of Amazon Prime. This latest edition will help you watch the latest and your favourite shows and movies on your cell on the Amazon Prime Video app. You are literally just a tap away from your next binge watch or when you are in dire need of a break. So, without any further ado, here are 5 films and web series that you can stream on the Prime Video Mobile Edition giving you the delight of enjoying visual content at its very best.

American Gods (Science Fiction)

This Neil Geiman’s adaptation will make you question everything you thought was real and a fantasy. The sci-fi series, stars Ricky Whittle and Emily Browning and shows the hard comings on today’s mystic world filled with technology and media and how a man tries to bring in the old Gods to save the people from the current doom. This series will surely have you dreaming all day long and is the perfect show to binge watch all alone.

Yearly Departed (Comedy)

This show is a humorous take on the year that 2020 was. Starring, Natasha Rothwell, Tiffany Haddish, Patti Harrison and hosted by Phoebe Robinson, Yearly Departed will take you on a hilarious ride in 2020 and all the things that we have lost and found this year. A host of female comedians will talk about everything and anything from casual sex to beige Band-Aids. This show is the cure to all the losses we had the previous year. Yearly Departed is the perfect show if you are feeling lonely and want to pass your time laughing out loud.

Sylvie’s Love (Romance)

This American drama film, directed by Eugene Ashe, will take you back to the 60’s era, where television and gramophones were the most updated source of entertainment. This movie is all about how a woman has different roles to play and many expectations to fulfill, but amidst all this she never forgets to lose her own identity. Tessa Thompson played Sylvie’s character and showed everyone exactly why they must prioritize themselves as well. This romantic film is a must watch if you are looking for motivation and some self-love because it will make you realize that apart from getting love, one must love themselves as well because we all deserve it.

The Lie (Thriller)

Who doesn’t love to watch a psychological thriller film which sends you chill down your spine. The Lie will surely keep you in a confounded state and keep the fine line between truth and lie ambiguous right till the very end. Directed by, Veena Sud, starring Mireille Enos the movie will make you question what is friendship and what is the gospel truth. This movie is not to be missed if you are all alone and looking for a nail-biting suspense psychological thriller.

Evil Eye (Horror)

The high and adrenaline rush you get when you watch a horror movie all alone is unparalleled and inexpressible. Evil eye is an American 2020 horror film, directed by Elan and Rajeev Dassani, starring Sarita Choudhury. This modern-age scary film will take you on a ride with a possessive mother with a strong intuition and a daughter. This film has all the elements from drama, mystery, love and the pain of loss making for an absolute must-watch.