The Witcher TV Series Netflix: Release date, plot and everything you need to know

09 . Dec . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The longa anticipated Witcher series is coming to the biggest streaming platform Netflix. This powerful TV series will come in a package of eight episodes by the end of 2019. The Witcher is based on Polish novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, just like one of the most successful games by CD Projekt Red RPG series.

The best thing is that Netflix has already reviewed the possibility for the second series and the possibility is high even though they’ve not seen the reaction of the public. Sapkowksi himself is working alongside the production crew of these series just to make sure the show keeps its credibility.

He said that he is very excited that Netflix decided to adapt his story and he is thrilled that they want to keep the authenticity. They’ve chosen a specific location for filming The Witcher just to get the story as close as possible to the novels. The filming is done in Budapest.

Release Date

When it comes to Netflix they tend to stay true to the announced date without any delays which are going to be the story with the Witcher. It is scheduled for 20th December 2019 and people are getting excited as the days narrow.


With the last trailer of The Witcher, we saw some big players in the story. Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri are part of this potentially massive series. The trailer was full of hints and references from some of the stories in the books.

Henry Cavill sounds perfect, just like Doug Cockle in the game series infuse with his native English accent. Obviously, they’ve done some visual improvements from the first time we saw the actors and made them look just like in the games and books. The Witcher series is based on a powerful man that fights monsters and can take them away with a single swing from his sword. Fortunately, Civil’s sword skills are good and it seems like he went through a lot of training.

Just like the books and the game series, there is also nudity in this movie as five seconds into the trailer we got a close-up on Henry Cavill’s butt and also an orgy. Obviously, there will be a lot of action as we’ve seen from the trailer as we’ve seen fight scenes from the TV series wherever he goes.

Season Two

Just like we mentioned, Netflix already reviewed the possibility for the second season and hope is high. This means that they are extremely proud of the first one that we will be seeing and they do not need our approval to go to the second season. This may not be that unusual but it somehow shows the amount of confidence from Netflix. Since it is too early to talk about, we do not even have start production on the second season.

The Witcher TV series is adapted only to the books and not the game. Maybe they share some similarities, but we are not going to see some in-game scenes.

Since this is a huge project, we may expect even multiple seasons, as rumors say that they’ve already booked the production of the next 6 seasons. The best thing is that Henry Cavill is a big fan of The Witches which means that he is going to be amazing. There are also rumors about The Witcher animated series but we first need to see the reaction the Netflix adaptation and then it would be like a domino effect.

The Witcher TV series has the potential for becoming bigger than ever and it is going to be as exciting as watching the Kentucky Derby horse race. Is the story worthy to battle Game of Thrones since they have disappointed fans with the last season? Only time will tell.