The Screen Patti’s latest sketch for Hum Tum looks at Kishore and Tanvi’s summer vacation plans

08 . May . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Kishore (Parikshit Joshi) and Tanvi (Ahsaas Channa) have long warmed our hearts with their adorable relationship and relatable banter on The Screen Patti’s ‘Hum Tum’. Back for yet another sketch, the duo seem to have just finished their exams and will be seen planning their summer vacations in the latest instalment of this series of videos. Celebrating the end of exams over some burgers and fries, Tanvi gets down to sharing her plans for the vacation which she has already chalked out to a more laidback Kishore who is usually just in the habit of going with the flow.

Speaking about the sketch Ahsaas Channa who plays Tanvi said, “TVF’s The Screen Patti is known for creating sketches and videos that focus on relatable slice-of-life situations. Kishore and Tanvi’s relationship in Hum Tum is very typical of what you might find between a young guy and girl who are in a budding relationship. This particular sketch is a sweet take on what happens when young people in relationships are faced with grown – up decisions and situations such as jobs and internships. They want to build a future together, sure, but they also have to grow as individuals. This sketch shows how important it is to find that balance to build a happy and healthy relationship.

Every relationship is like a burger. It has many layers much like the ups and downs in a relationship. And every layer adds to its distinct flavour. It’s time for Tanvi and Kishore to taste the sour fact that their college days are over and an uncertain future awaits. Will their relationship cross this milestone?

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Watch Hum Tum’s latest episode, ‘Is It A Break?’ to find out.