The Mind-Blowing Trailer of Maniac is Here

07 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Emma Stone and Jonah Hill star in Maniac, the new Netflix Original Web Series that tackles one of the most controversial subjects – mind control and mind evolution. The first teaser trailer invoked our interest and we are looking at when the new series will be launched.

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The trailer reveals more about the story of the series than the teaser. Annie (Emma) and Owen (Jonah) are two patients in a mysterious pharmaceutical trial, with words like multi-reality and mind-control making their way into the dialogues. The trailer gives a peek into the dangerous life that both Annie and Owen have signed up for and shows some aspects that are staple sci-fi.

Patrick Somerville writes the series, and Cary Fukunaga directs. The series is based on a Norwegian television of the same name. The series also stars Justin Theroux, Julia Garner and Sally Field.  The initial trailer had just the two leads, Emma and Jonah. This new trailer gives a lot more insight into the series and what it is all about.

Netflix is now betting heavily on non-Marvel and essentially non-superhero web series and has announced the launching several new web series in this genre.