Web Series: The Mechanism

27 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Crime and punishment is a concept that audiences lap up, whether it’s a film or a web series. several web series are based on real life crimes. While Narcos and other web series were true life depictions, a new web series, The Mechanism, says that is loosely based on a real crime that took place in France. The web series is in French.

The web series talks about a brave, talented group of law enforcement officials who have vowed to clear away corruption from the country of Brazil. What begins as one man’s war against corruption evolves into a group’s vow to remove a corrupt person from his line of business. Only hitch, there’s so many loopholes and so much grease palming and so many powerful people at risk that they just can’t do it.

What’s Wow: The Mechanism is a must watch, tightly made web series that leaves the audience gasping for the next twist in this cat-and-mouse game. This could be the only web series where the protagonist and the antagonist clash time and again, only for the antagonist to come up trumps – all the time, all the time.

Even if the series is inspired from real events, the characters are well written, and the screen play is one of the best that we have seen in recent times. Crime series work when all the characters are shown well – flaws, warts et al. The Mechanism works well to create this for all the characters in the series.

The Mechanism is a highly watchable web series, only hitch, it doesn’t adhere to the common, three acts play that audiences are generally accustomed to. There’s no redemption, there’s no forgiveness, there’s absolutely nothing here, except the doggedness of Good people who want to finish off Evil, or at least put it behind bars for a long, long time.

What’s Blah: Absolutely Nothing

Parting Shot: This is a must watch crime series.

Cast: Selton Mello, Caroline Abras, Enrique Diaz

Creator: Jose Padilha.

The series is now streaming on Netflix.