The Insiders Is This Generation’s The Breakfast Club

03 . Apr . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

MX Player is doing some great content. Their latest addition, The Insiders, seems to be a perfect addition to an already increasing inventory. The concept seems novel – four teenagers must meet every Saturday because their parents meet up for a few drinks. But it also seems like the cult classic from the eighties, The Breakfast Club – a film about a bunch of students stuck in the detention room. The series streams on MX Player on the 12th of April.

The official synopsis reads:

Insiders, the club, tries to be classified and entry to the club is a coveted one. The three core members of the group have a special screening process to allow new members.

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The show delves into exaggerated fantasies of upper-middle-class urban teenagers, watching everything as they imagine it; be it their younger-sister being ‘as evil as a TV-soap bahu’, or someone’s father behaving ‘as wisely as Gandhi.’ The whacky coming-of-age comedy takes a dig at metropolitan teenagers and their relationships, in the most absurd ways.

The trailer promises a quirky experience, and hints at the four kids – three boys and one girl – having adventures outside the house as well. Of course, this is a bunch of millennials, so the story can be as wild as any.

Watch the trailer here: