The Incredible, Amazing Story of Zion Shaver comes to Netflix

08 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Not many know about Zion Shaver – and Netflix plans to change that with their documentary about the pro wrestler who lost the match but won hearts. Zion was born with a birth condition that has him without limbs. The 10-minute film might be the one with the smallest duration in Netflix stables now and is quite different from what Netflix is known for. Netflix is the home for Original movies and web series – this is the first time that they will be hosting a ten-minute short film on their platform.

This is a documentary in its truest sense with the real-life individuals playing their characters on screen. So, we have Kimberly Clark, Zion’s adoptive mother on screen, Zion himself and others. Floyd Russ directs the documentary, which has an astounding music score by Victor Margo. The short film will be available later this month.

Watch the Zion trailer here: