‘The Holiday’ trailer has some stirring moments, find out WHAT!

09 . Jul . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

“The Holiday” trailer is out and it raises some eyebrows! The show encircles the story of Mehak (Adah Sharma) who spends her bachelorette with her boy gang comprising the dashing men, Priyank Sharma (Patrick), Aashim Gulati (Armaan) and Veer Rajwant Singh (Kabir). It is an intriguing concept that the show explores. Here are few rousing moments from the trailer to keep the excitement high till we watch the show:

  1. Adah shares a kiss with a girl

The docile actress goes wild in the series as she is spotted sharing a kiss with a foreign lady in a pub.

  1. Priyank Sharma becomes a poet

In this particular scene with Adah Sharma (Mehak), Priyank Sharma (Patrick) for the first time is seen to be in a splurge of words where he recites a poem in ode to his friend.

  1. Underwater expedition

The group of friends are seen to be enjoying an underwater stint, something which has not been seen very much in Indian digital shows till now.

  1. Patrick steals the meals

Priyank Sharma who by the look of it, plays a goofy character (Patrick) is seen to leave a customer aghast as he steals a bite of his food in this scene. Of course the gentleman isn’t pleased. Now, that’s an outrageous move!

  1. Did we hear a ghost?!

In one such scene where Priyank Sharma (Patrick) takes the gang to a cheaper hotel, did we hear a spooky presence? Is the gang going to encounter a ghostbuster experience? Alas! Have to wait till the episode drops for an answer.

The Holiday is a roller coaster ride of a group of friends who embark on a journey and the madness that follows. The trailer is out on The Zoom Studios’ YouTube channel.