The Good Cop looks like a good addition to action-comedies on Netflix

06 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Just when you thought buddy cop movies had taken all the permutations and combinations, Netflix comes up with another. The Good Cop has the son as the good cop and the father as the bad cop – or police detectives.

This is billed as an action comedy, so you have an idea of how it goes, and the screenplay seems to have a warm vibe to it. The series stars Tony Danza as the bad detective and the papa, while Josh Groban plays the son, the obsessively honest detective. The series is based on an Israeli web series of the same name. Andy Breckman creates The Good Cop, and he has given us Monk earlier, one of the most successful, entertaining and engaging series about a cop.

The action comedy/police procedural genre has a lot going for it, and apart from Brooklyn 9, there are very few options, so The Good Cop fits right in the mould.  The series is currently a 10 episoder, and all the episodes will stream on September 21.

The series also stars Monica Barbaro, Isiah Whitlock and Joseph Privett.

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