‘The Decision’ Teaser Is a Great Introduction To A Thought Provoking Film

11 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Lakshmi Manchu will next be seen in the short film ‘The Decision’. The teaser of the film was launched recently and gives us just a glimpse of the problem that the film wants to counter – children suffering from Down Syndrome.

Directed by Sindru Pandrakhi, the film is a great endeavour to spread awareness of a life threatening disease. The Down Syndrome is a rare genetic chromosome 21 disorder that causes developmental and intellectual delays in human beings.There are very few films about this medical illness, so it is laudable that Sindru decided to make a film about it.

What we would have loved more is if the teaser gave some more information about the film and its story and how Down Syndrome actually affects the children. At least in the teaser, the filmmaker has decided that all and sundry know what the Down Syndrome is. We will have to wait until the film hits the streaming screens to know more.

The rest of the cast is Raj Virk, Karrie Brown, Vandana Prasad, Krithi Prasad, Elizabeth Johnson, Tom Ricciardelli and Salia Ricciardelli.

You can watch the teaser here:-


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