The Christmas Chronicles is Harry Potter meets Home Alone

05 . Nov . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • Kurt Russell is hilarious as Santa Claus

The trailer says the film is by the ones who gave us Harry Potter and Home Alone, and the script seems like both these concepts are married. The film stars Kurt Russel as a sassy, new version of Santa Claus, whose has a little accident and Christmas might just get cancelled. He now must plan to send all the Christmas gifts to everyone, without his trusty sleigh.

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The trailer promises a film that has the fun, frothy and feel good tone that most holiday films have. Kurt Russel as Santa Claus is good casting and it adds some colour to the entire film. Writer Matt Lieberman creates a simple, heartwarming story that’s brought to screen by Clay Kaytis.  Along with Kurt, the film stars Judah Lewis and Darby Camp as the two children who are stuck home alone and are the ones who unwittingly create problems for Santa Claus.

The film will stream on Netflix from November 22. Watch the trailer here: