Tanhaji lyricist Anil Verma in demand

26 . Feb . 2020
Reading Time: 1 minute

Even as Ajay Devgn-KajolSaif Ali Khan starrer Tanhaji -The Unsung Warrior inches towards the Rs. 270 crore mark at the local box office, the first-time lyricist of the blockbuster historical, adman Anil Verma finds himself in great demand. Anil who has penned the three most popular songs of the movie – ‘Ghamand kar’ (theme song), ‘Shankara re Shankara’ and ‘Tinak Tinak’ is now a household name in Bollywood.

Anil recently moved to Mumbai from the capital, and he wasn’t exactly to the manor born. So how did he find himself writing such memorable and passionate songs? Well he had an art education that led him to a career in advertising. It’s here that he realised his passion for writing in Hindi. His Uttar Pradesh grounding in Hindi made it easier for him to touch hearts in a manner that made his jingles and now his film songs memorable. Besides enjoying an easy going equation with Ajay, Anil is also currently writing features and songs. Like it’s said his hallowed journey into the world of cinema has just begun.