Tahira Kashyap Khurrana Encourages people to find strength in her cancer in her cancer story

04 . Feb . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bold, beautiful and truly an inspiration, Tahira Kashyap Khurrana has been one force of light ever since she was diagnosed with stage zero breast cancer. She has redefined her own destiny by endeavouring the strength and confidence that any cancer patient, especially a woman needs at this sensitive stage. This, World Cancer Day, Tahira has collaborated with TVF’s Girliyapa Spotlight to share her journey and remind viewers of precautions, identifying symptoms and more importantly self-care.

From talking about how she was detected, to the situations while coping and its impact along with the support she received from Ayushmann Khurrana (husband) and the rest of the family; Tahira poured her heart out. Witnessing a sharp rise in the incidence of cancer around the world that has a detrimental effect on health and livelihood, the threat needs serious attention, she also deep dives into equipping the viewers with information to detect and combat the rising issue.

Sharing her thoughts on this collaboration, Tahira quipped, “Having been a stage zero breast cancer survivor myself, recognising and sensitising people about it has been my aim.  As a woman, especially one who has experienced it first hand, I take it as my responsibility to extend my outreach in full capacity to emancipate women about the grave condition. As I collaborate with Girliyapa Spotlight this World Cancer Day, I hope that sharing my experience and the support from my family inspires the audience to not only be more aware but also find the strength to fight in their journeys

Openly vocal about the consequences of ignoring ill-health, Tahira along with Girliyapa Spotlight, is breaking pathways to raise awareness about identifying and surviving the disease. Often ignored due to social taboos and misinformation, the aim is to share the message for everyone to find strength and be reminded that nothing should come in the way of a person’s ability to live life on their own terms.