Sushi served to you like never before by Fuh Se Fantasy, a VOOT original

10 . Apr . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

Have you ever tasted freshly served Sushi from the naked body of a woman? Tune in to the latest episode of ‘Fuh se Fantasy’, Naked Sushi on VOOT if you haven’t! Featuring the engineer turned actor Naveen Kasturia this episode of ‘Fuh se Fantasy’ named Nyotaimori will host you for a whole new dining experience spiked with a dose of fancy and fantasy!

Stuck in the same old rut and yearning for a break, a 26-year old boy decides to join his friends to witness the exotic experience of Nyotaimori aka Naked Sushi. Fed up with his overtly possessive girlfriend, he surprisingly finds solace in Izumi, the girl from Japan and finally discovers an escape from the mundane. Hop-on to this brand new culinary experience with a perfect recipe served like never before.

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