Survival Horror The Ritual looks disturbingly interesting

29 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

School reunions can create fear for a person, and when the school reunion is in a forest, it’s time to brace yourself for an interesting time. And an exciting time is exactly what Netflix is giving us with their latest survival horror original, The Ritual.

The Netflix Original follows a group of friends from college who come together for a camping excursion and of course, everything goes wrong. The Ritual stars Rafe Spall and Robert James-Collier and David Bruckner directs.

David earlier directed the Amateur Night segment of V/H/S. Rafe Spall has earlier performed in films like Hot Fuzz, Prometheus and Robert James-Collier has worked his way through Downtown Abbey and The Level.

The trailer promises a film that’s just right for the genre. A fear-inducing environment, some jump scares, all that and more. The Ritual streams exclusively on Netflix, starting from February 9, 2018.

Netflix is working hard to add more films to their horror inventory and the genre is one of the most well-padded for Netflix right now. The Big N has already given us good horror projects like Little Evil, The Babysitter and Death Note. Death Note was the American adaptation of the superhit anime series. Little Evil was a refreshing little horror comedy and The Babysitter was quite the entertainer.

We look forward to The Ritual.