Sunny Leone bioseries Karenjit Kaur is a tell-all for the celeb

05 . May . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Sunny Leone’s life could be one of the most interesting ones we’ll ever know – or at least know a little bit about. One of the few women who turned their lives around almost single-handedly, she has been subject of one documentary, Almost Sunny – and she will soon be part of Karenjit Kaur – The untold story of Sunny Leone. The docu-drama reveals how she turned into a successful businesswoman and an actress.

Sunny is also famous for being one of the few mainstream actors who hasn’t yet acted in a web series or a short film. While that might still take time, Sunny Leone fans will be able to view Sunny on the streaming screens soon, thanks to Zee 5, the online platform that will stream the web series. The actress recently posted a photo of hers from the series, that has her donning an apron and a sweat, holding a clap slate that provides information about the web series, Karenjit Kaur 2. Aditya Datt directs and the DOP is Priya Seth.

Docudramas have been successful with the streaming audiences. Dramatized ones like Narcos are Neftlix tentpoles. Even a simple, personal account of scams like Wild, Wild, Country that tell about the life and times of Rajneesh have opened to critical and commercial acclaim. It remains to be seen how this one will fare.