Sumit Vyas to play Ram Jethmalani in web series The Verdict – State Vs Nanavati

20 . Sep . 2018
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The Nanavati Murders were the most controversial ones at that time. The State Vs Nanavati has inspired several film makers and now, a web series is being made on the 1959 murders. Sumeet Vyas has been roped in to play Ram Jethmalani, one of the people who were instrumental in the court case.

Angad Bedi will be playing the barrister Karl Khandavala, who will be the on-screen rival to Sumeet Vyas’s character. Sumeet has undergone several look tests and have used a few photos of the veteran lawyer to draw inspiration. He also said that they had to depend on online material, as there are no videos of Ram Jethamalani from that time.

Ram Jethmalani is considered to be one of the best lawyers in the country and has been part of several high-profile cases. His son, Mahesh Jethmalani is a lawyer too, and is known to  be an attorney to the stars.

The incident rocked the nation as it had a wicked concoction of espionage, infidelity, cold blooded murder and everything else that got the society’s attention. That story will be told in a ten-episode courtroom drama soon.