Sumeet Vyas shoots for TVF’s Tripling Season 2

12 . Nov . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • Sumeet Vyas, Amol Parashar and Maanvi Gagroo return for Tripling 2 and are currently shooting in Gangtok

Sumeet Vyas has started shooting for the second season of Tripling, and we have his Instagram updates for proof. The second season stars him, along with Maanvi Gagroo and others. The photos show that Sumeet and Maanvi and other cast members are shooting in a scenic location and it looks beautiful. TVF also posted on their official social media networks, announcing the shooting of the next season of Tripling. The scene shows Sumeet and Maanvi in what looks like an argumentative mood.

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We got in touch with Maanvi Gagroo, she said “We shot Season 1 during peak summer, Heat made shooting that much harder, Hair and make-up looked bad because of excessive sweating, everyone had got irritated. But for season 2 we’re shooting in the winter months. There’s a collective sense of relief among all of us because of that. This time around, for Tripling season 2, we’re happy throughout – shooting in beautiful Gangtok at the beginning of winter. Great weather makes for a happy set! Here’s hoping the audience enjoys Tripling season 2 as much as we enjoyed shooting in this great weather!

Sumeet also shared a hilarious experience, where he, Maanvi and Amol Parashar were basically taking a rickshaw ride to nowhere and had to trust that the production people would be available to pay the rickshaw fare.