Subhash Kapoor dropped from ALTBalaji Project

13 . Oct . 2018
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  • Subhash Kapoor loses ALTBalaji project.

    The latest celebrity falling to the MeToo movement is Subhash Kapoor.  After the allegations against him were levelled, he has been ousted from at least three projects. Amazon Prime has dropped him from a project. Bhushan Kumar has ousted him from the Akshay Kumar starrer Mogul. Now, Ekta Kapoor has decided to part ways from him.

    He was supposed to direct the ALTBalaji web series The Verdict.  The series will now be directed by Shashwat Shah. The Verdict will be based on the Nanavati murder case, which shocked the country and was one of the most controversial legal cases back in the day. According to reports, Ekta Kapoor has personally fired Subhash Kapoor, after she came to know that sexual harassment allegations had been levelled against him.

    People are coming out in support of the sexual harassment after women have begun naming and shaming the people accused of sexual harassment. Industry insiders like to show out the idea that the film industry is more like a family. That begs the question, did the celebrities who are now pulling out of projects or sacking people from projects not know that they were sexual harassers? Were there no whisper networks – like the one in journalism – in the Bollywood industry to tell people, people in power, about the rampant sexual harassment on sets? That’s the question we need to ask.