Short Film Shubhaarambh is A Surreal Experience

18 . Jul . 2018
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In the race to be big and all encompassing, we sometimes forget the treasure trove of content that YouTube channels have. We shouldn’t forget that even content creators like AIB, TVF and others got their first firm footing on a YouTube channel, and their content still comes out first on YouTube. This week, Hamara Movies, of the better-known YouTube channel has launched their short film, Shubhaarambh, about a dreaded don who is holed up in Mumbai after he is forced to leave Mirzapur.

Crime, criminals and other such illegal stuff has inspired Bollywood since ever, and even the web series and short films coming in have a sprinkling of these story arcs. Crime as a story arc usually works when the script tells the why as well as the what. A section of the audience will be spellbound by the what of the crime, but film fans are always more interested in the why and the how. Shubhaarambh doesn’t get into all that and basically tells a simple story of redemption and a new beginning – which is basically the title of the short film

The short film begins with a gangster setting up an interview and promising to reveal all about his past. It then goes into a flashback and tells how the gangster has reached this point on his life.

What’s Wow:  The story is quite simplistic and it’s only some intelligent direction and editing that makes it worthwhile to watch. One cannot really gauge the performances in a short video, because of the duration, but the cast has done a decent job. Because of the seemingly incomplete screenplay, the short film gets a surreal touch to it, and that’s what keeps the audience pegged on – until the end.

What’s Blah: The main problem with this film is that the script doesn’t have a beginning or an end. It’s quite simply, the second act of a Bollywood film. Seeing this without seeing the obvious repercussions makes for an incomplete viewing experience.

Parting Shot: A surreal experience, but nevertheless an incomplete one

Cast: Rahul Mishra, Sonam Arora, Saptak Niyogi

Director: Sowrik Datta

Producer: Humara Movie

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